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We understand that many would like to be part of this movement, however not everyone has enough time to get involved. Hence, we have come up with an option allowing for making a donation. Please be advised that helpyourneighbour.co.uk is run and managed by a registered Charity – LikeU, Reg. No. 1187973.

Rest assured

Your donations will be spent exactly as the Charity Commission guidelines say. Our most important costs in this projects are:

  • 1. IT, Cyber security and Tech Support
  • 2. Proper admin costs – strictly related to ensuring safety and compliance with our policies for our volunteers and the people we wish to help
  • 3. Financial support for the most needing help takers
  • 4. Incentives for volunteers

How much would you like to donate?







For your convenience, we have prepared buttons corresponding to the most common amounts donated. As per our money safeguarding policies, any donation higher than £20 is kindly requested to be made via bank transfer.
If you would like us to send you a Thank you note or call you in order to let you know what you donation has been spent on, please leave your email address or phone number as the bank transfer reference.
Once again, thank you for your amazing support! We surely would not be able to do it without you!