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Refer someone

In the times of need, it’s not a bad thing to reach out to others. What seems to remain beyond one’s reach, for others is a minor act of kindness. First give us only the minimum information we need to help you and then let us know what is it that you need help with? Is it collecting the groceries? Picking up medication? Walking out your dog? Let us know what you need and we will try to help!

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How to properly refer someone

We understand that not everyone is able to get in touch with us on their own to request help and provide the information required. Therefore, we have introduced this handy option for you to register your friend, neighbour, family member or any other person in need. Before you do it, though, please:

  • 1. Read out the following rules to the person being referred
  • 2. Make sure they understand the rules
  • 3. Make sure that they are happy for us to process their data.

How it works

Leave your contact details and let us find a volunteer who lives in your vicinity and who can get in touch with you. To make it work, we need to know three things, and three things only:

Step 1

Provide us with your first name - We DON’T need your surname, though, and if we don’t need it, we won’t ask for it.

Step 2

We'll need FIRST PART of your postcode - If you live at WR3 8ET, just tell us it is WR3 – that’s enough to find a volunteer for you.

Step 3

Provide us with your telephone number – We will only use the number to to reach out to you and connect with your volunteer.

Fill in the form below

with the details of the person that needs help

Please be advised

Our volunteers are not expected to provide transportation services to those asking for help. Shared commute is highly risky during COVID-19 outbreak and we cannot put your own and the volunteers’ health in dander. This is for your own safety.

Should any of our volunteers ask for money for the services provided, please alert our team by completing the contact form. This is against the code of conduct and will result in the volunteer being removed from the network immediately. Also, you should not give the volunteer cash for your shopping – please use online shopping facilities provided by major stores. If you cannot pay online, do make point of that in your request for help. We will come up with a solution that works for you and the volunteer.

The volunteers engaged in the network signed up to help and agreed to do so out of their own good will. With the exception of cases mentioned in point B, feel free to treat those coming to help you. Just make sure the reward is appropriate and in line with the Health and Safety advice from the official sources.