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I want to help

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for being the local hero our community so gravely needs in these volatile times. As our CEO says, “It is not what we have, but what we give, that defines us”.

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How it works

A few ground rules on how our volunteering works:

Step 1

What we need from you initially are just three things – your name, first part of your postcode (e.g. WR3), and your telephone number. Your name so that we can address you, your postcode so that we can match you with the people that asked for help, and your telephone number so that we can get in touch with you.

Step 2

Once you register, a member of our team will contact you within the next few days to complete the vetting process. It’s nothing complicated – we just want to ensure that the scheme does not leave room for any ill-willed individuals who may want to try and exploit our network to access vulnerable persons.

Step 3

Finally, please let us know what you can do and how many people you are able to support at a given time. As we are working with vulnerable people please attach a DBS check not older than 6 months. Once the time comes, we will get in touch with you in order to connect you to the people you will be helping.

All of your personal data, including your DBS check are being processed and stored securely in sole purpose of the campaign. The data given will not be sold or given to third parties without your consent, and we take great precaution in following relevant GDPR regulations while processing your personal data.

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A few important notes on supporting:

Remember that your health and safety come first. It is ok, and in fact highly advisable, to refuse an invitation to somebody’s house. You also don’t need to eat a raisin and walnut cookie if you’re allergic to nuts (or don’t like them, even if hey! It’s a free cookie). In order for The Helping Act to be what we want it to be, both sides need to feel comfortable about the process.

If you use a car, we strongly discourage you from giving a lift to those you will be helping while supporting #helpyourneighbour initiative, especially when facing a pandemic. A person self-isolating for COVID-19 can leave the virus in your car for more than 2 days, posing a long-lasting threat to you and others.

Under no circumstances should you be providing support beyond your means, such as carer’s duties, hygienic procedures or medical procedures. If uncertain, let the help taker know that you need to double check the rules and contact us at HYN@likeu.org.uk

Please be aware that majority of people are asking for help because they cannot afford it or cannot find it otherwise. Therefore, asking our help takers for money is strictly forbidden! We are a charity, not a paid service. If you need reimbursement for fuel or believe that money will help you do The Giving Act better, please get in touch with us. If our budget allows, us we will try to help and meet your expenses. Any case of help takers reporting our volunteers asking them for money will be thoroughly investigated and, if found guilty, the volunteer will be banned from the network permanently.

We are here to give a helping hand to others, but also to support you in any way we can. We are currently working on securing the insurance for the whole network of volunteers (this point will be updated when we achieve that). We are also searching for local points and sponsors to support the cause (if you know of anyone who we could contact, please let us know or refer them to the donate page).